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Saturday, December 04, 2004

A real THRILLER last night

The house next door to us burned down. Started while Alex was at Boy Scouts, I was at work, and Liza driving home. Liza said she came around the corner, saw the trucks, ladders and smoke, and was out of the car before it went into park.

Lucky for us (one of many lucky things) our friend Floyd the Scoutmaster for the troop that Alex and I are involved in is also in the water dept, so he was on the scene to calm her down. He explained things to her as they happened and took extra care to check our roof for any embers. Major kudo's go out to Floyd for his help in keeping Liza from going nuts last night. Alex went back to Aunt Sue's after the meeting and I got a call at work about 8:15 or so.

Went out this am to take these pictures. Looks like the fire started in the back of the house and moved forward. There is lots of siding on our grass, and the fence got knocked down, but there seems to be no heat damage to our house or the one on the other side of their property.

Back of the house shot from our back yard

Front of the house

2 shots of the side facing our house

More of the back part of the house where it started

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