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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Big Storm

Dropped about 8 to 10 inches around my house. The wind overnight Saturday to Sunday was amazing, and left channels in the show around the house.

A couple of kids from the neighborhood got paid 10 bucks to do the initial shoveling, the walkway and the sidewalk, but I was left with the odious task of digging out my car and clearing the street to the curb for the cars.

Took about an hour, and my back is sore needless to say.

The Big Games

I use the Digital Video Recorder we get from Time Warner to record an entire football game and then I FF through the waits, the commercials, time outs and all the other stuff that causes a 60 min game to take 3.5 hrs. Actually just watching only the plays, you can get through a game in like 45 min becuase the clock runs between downs a lot of the time.

Anyway kudo's to the Eagles to finally getting to the SuperBowl. Hope they do better than when the Raiders beat them up 27 - 10 back in the 80's. As for New England.. sornesville... this is getting to be like the Cowboys or the Yankees. I like some different people to have their day in the sun, but no question that the Rookie QB for the Steelers was not ready for the big game.

So NE and Phili in Jacksonville. I'd say NE again. Just a feeling from watching both teams, though they both have amazing defences.
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