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Friday, January 21, 2005

End of the week

Well the week is finally over. What's the longest week in the year. Trick question. It's the one after a vacation. Well I've been on a 10 month vacation.

This is by the way a back-blog as I call it, being written on Sunday night in order to keep my resolution of posting at least every other day. Just didn't get to it on Friday.....

Anyway the week ended well with me in Randy's office discussing marketing and the "Bill Factor" till about 6pm. They hooked me up with one of their existing laptops yesterday and today they got it all fixed up so I could access their servers from the internet where ever I was, as long as I have an internet connection. However when I got home it didn't work... Otherwise it's very nice, a compaq, big screen running Windows XP Pro.

The gist of the after work discussion was that he is grudginly giving Bill enough rope to hang himself. He will let him run some appointments, with the forgone conclusion that he will not acquit himself well in the field in regards to closeing etc. I'm not so sure myself, Bill may have some closing skills, and the level their marketing is at this time is such that many of the leads are really "gimmie's", so prequalified that they are nearly asking for the order before we get there. Not too hard to close.

Alex and I rented a really horrible movie, on which I thought might be good from the trailers. It was Resident Evil 2: Apocolypse. Bottom line is the characters in the movie do lots of really stupid "slasher" type things, walking alone in buildings, you get the drift. Just dumb. Alex laughed at the parts that were supposed to be scary. I was just bored.

Liza is in Cincinnati, haveing headed out Thu afternoon for her annual "Roadmap" meeting at the home office. She gets back on Sunday. I was going to have chicken for dinner, but I left the bag at the store and didn't want to drive all the way back.. so I had lefovers. Yea I know, that is the smallest violin you have there playing my heart bleeds for you....

Oh and Randy handed me a wireless router and card for the laptop so we are "G" now in the home. Woo hoo, technology gets me so hot...
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