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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

No closure.

If you are reading this a few days at a time and didn't read the Monday piece, drop down to that and read it.

Ok did you do that? Good.

No closure in the situation with the "other guy". In all fairness Randy is doing all he can to keep the guy from bolting, but it goes down wrong for me personally. I think he should be sat down and told the facts of life for the immediate future. The longer it goes on I feel the less good it looks when the reality sets in.

Anyway, spent some time on appointments the last two days. We have done a remote backup presentation, a phone system presentation, and had a couple of duds. The duds were set by the telemarketer, so that does not bode well. If Randy is running his personal leads, and I run mine and Bill's, and if Bill's are not good, this will cause some problems as well.

I have been spending the rest of the time in the office cramming my head with information. We have some presentations tomorrow as well starting right at 8am with the final decision maker for a phone system.

Bitter Bitter COLD

The temperatures have been BRUTAL here in the Northeast the last few days and will continue on for a week at least. We are talking highs that don't break 10 degress and lows below 0! Really cuts to the bone, and causes real drafts in this old house. Oh well, it IS the natural effect of the solstice, all that cooling and short daylight hours ends up hitting us the 4 to 6 weeks after the 25th of December. By Mid February it will be back to just cold, below freezing but above 15.
Stop laughing Californians!

Inauguration Tomorrow

I am sorry but it is absolutely appalling that this "war time President" is not reimbursing the District of Columbia for the costs of the security for the inauguration, like every President preceding him has done. Money which is earmarked for "homeland security". I guess Pomp and Pomposity is more important than money for Police and Firefighters. What a troll.
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