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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Some fun Links
Thanks to SJ's Daily Illuminator

Turns out the mammals weren't the wimps we thought they were. We live-birthers have been giving lizards what-for for 130 million years. That, or the Repenomamus giganticus has traveled back through time to alter history. If so, New Scientist has those parts of the story that the timeline has promulgated forward.

Plasma lights are neat . . . but in the past 20 years they've gone from museum pieces to dime-store novelties, getting smaller and cheaper rather than bigger and more beautiful. But here's something different. Aurora Studios is fusing art and technology to get past merely "neat" and head toward "breathtaking."

Technically it's not a robot, because it's tele-operated, but it's got a gun and it's on its way to a place where it can shoot and be shot at. Read the Yahoo story.

Booz Allen Hamilton is looking for a teleport test engineer . What does the job entail? All they'll say at career builder is that the required travel is "not specified."

Look at the teeny powerful Mac! We may have to get some of these around the office. The Mac mini is a powerful machine in a tiny little box, and it will work with the peripherals that many people already have on their systems . . .

It's understandable that the builders of Stonehenge are long gone and therefore hard to track down, but when the same thing happens in the late 70s and we still can't get a handle on it, it's embarrassing. Some guy managed to erect The Georgia Guidestones without anyone really sitting up and taking notice. You may as well read what he had to say, just in case he comes back to take an active hand fulfilling his dire admonitions.
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