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Musings and Meanderings

Saturday, February 26, 2005

15 days later and what do you have to show for it?

Umm well not much...

We can do little blurbs. How's that?

Alex has been in NH all week with Sunny and Poppa. Brought him out on Saturday last and stayed overnight, did the Country Club, church and a talk about the Middle East to the "adult forum" at their church. I certainly had a great time. One of the ladies from Christmas was there, always nice to meet her.

Been spending much more time on the phone than out cold canvassing last 15 days, seems to be paying off. I've got three more appointments this week, new ones. Last week I did a second visit (this business is at least a two if not three visit close) and got a few pre paid labor hours. Also had a first appointment and sold a "site survey" which is our entree into a business.

Started working out again on Monday the 21st. Right now I'm doing 15 min on the cross trainer and 15 min on the bike machine. Then I do two sets of upper body weight machines. I'm trying to avoid aggravating my knees and hips so I'm trying the weight regimen only upper body, leaving the aerobic to tone the lower body. And now I don't have to lug magazines and music to the gym. Just take my trusty Tungsten E PDA and listen to music while reading. Ah technology.

And I have been playing a bit more of the Ultima Online recently, having basically finished the core parts of the Lord of the Rings game I talked about a few weeks back. Lots of really nice people who want to help you out when you get started in the particular "city" I'm in now "Haven in Trammel" and on the shard I play on "Catskill". Found the Prima Guide to this version of Ultima Online for all of $2.88 at CompUSA so it's been some help.

When I am work I use launchcast to stream music to the laptop and then my speakers when I'm making calls. During lunch one day, lo and behold an old friend whom I had thought had blown me off (and who had thought I had blown off) replied to my "hello". This definitely brightened my day.

I take time to completely "spider" the Economist every week now from the web site so that 1) I can then put it on my PDA and 2) send it to brother Andrew who let his subscription lapse. However I'm on my last issue till I renew and I'm not sure how long that will take. It's not cheap. But it is good reading. They have a refreshingly progressive almost libertarian view, most opinions are one that make economic sense, even if they don't fit a political agenda.

Also I am trying a trial "subscription" to the New York Times Online edition. I put it on the laptop via their news reader service. Basically it gives you the whole damn paper canned and searchable. Not sure what the technology is that does it. But you get the paper in the format it is printed in, pages pics and ads etc. It's different reading a paper that looks like a paper on a computer, but after some getting used to it, it's comfortable. The problem is the time factor as usual. Great intentions etc etc.

Well I'll do my best to go back to every other day. Not sure how two weeks flew by but they did. Thanks for tuning in.
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