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Friday, February 11, 2005

Fun with Computers

Ok I'm putting my geek hat on for a moment here.

Remember those great games I told you about a week or so ago? Back after I installed them I noticed that for no apparent reason, they would occasionally lock the computer up solid, so I had to cold reboot. Now with XP this is fairly unheard of as you know.

Talked to Brother Greg (my compliment in computer knowledge, btw the two of us we know a lot). He suggested a few things to stop this but the one that made the most sense was to put the "clock" back on the AMD processor to its correct 1.1Ghz speed instead of the 1.4Ghz speed it was over clocked at. Apparently this is how AMD does things.

So I did that, and everything worked perfect. No freeze ups. Fast forward to today, I got a refurbished HD from work, fresh and not needed (80Gig). So I swapped out the old "f" drive and swapped in the new one. And then I formatted it at NTSF, as the old one was still FAT32. Lightenting struck!

What if it was a problem with the two file systems, as the games files were on the FAT32 drive, and the OS was running off of an NTSF drive. So I tried it, put the processor back to 1.4 and VOILA, no freeze ups, and the computer is running faster than ever.

Gosh I'm really getting to like this new OS, from Mirco$serf.. go figure!!
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