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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Some Updates


Had a long and what I feel final conversation with the aforementioned Bill the "telemarketer" on Friday in order to clear the air between us. I feel it went well in that we were able to lay out on the table how each felt about the job, each other, etc. Privately it was very clear to me that he was not understanding what Randy had said to him on that week's Monday Sales meeting.

This Monday's sales meeting went quickly and I explained privately to Randy that I felt that Bill was not really on the program. To say that Randy is setting up Bill to fail as an outside sales person is a bit harsh, in that I think Randy would of course be happy if he was able to reach his quota's. But I know too that Randy does not think he is capable of meeting his quota's. He feels it will get the situation out of Bill's system and allow him to concentrate on making the appointments. It would be nice if this "crisis" had been resolved before I came on board, or at least it was explained to me at the second interview, but that is how things go sometimes.

So with that in mind I reflected to Randy that it was in MY best interest to just get out there and sell, and so that's what I'm doing. Well not selling yet, but definitley out there prospecting. Spent the last few days "cold knocking" business' and today it finally paid off with a possible new account.

Home and family

All is well on that front. Had a marvelous late Christmas with Liza's cousin's from the town of Amsterdam (which is about an hour west of us) at Aunt Sue's. Spending time with this krew is always fun, they are warm and funny, and it is quite fun watching the kids grow up as well. One positive note was over a random conversation I garnered a lead for work via Liza's cousin Lukie.

Alex got his latest report card and it is slightly better than his last marking period but still 3 points below his best GPA (83 vs 86). However it is a far cry from the midquarter report which was just abysmal. These quick snapshots (the midquarter reports) allow us to micromanage his time so that he is maximising his academic potential. The change I made was simply haveing him stay at school an extra hour and taking a later bus home. I feel his very prescence at the school adds to an air of learning so his head is in the game more. Still over all his grades are not at the potential they should be.

The World

Have not been talking much about the political or world area recently. Still recovering a bit from the disappointment of the election, but more than that, as a vehement voice of opposition (albeit to a small audience) I wanted to give the Administration a chance.

So just for the record I'm not impressed. Condi Rice as Secretary of State, Albert Gonzalez as Attorney General, not exactly my list of upstanding bureaucrats who will show the best of America.

It goes without saying that the Iraqi election was a pleasant surprise, but in a way this puts much more pressure on the Administration. Polls show that a majority of Americans don't like what we are doing there and do not like seeing the body counts. I think that there will be much more call for pulling out of the country now that they have a properly elected government. You won't hear that from me though. If we start something we should finish it completely, and not bow to political expediency, no matter what lies and deceit were woven to get us into this.

Bush's domestic agenda for his second term has even the pundits scratching their heads. The normal thinking goes that second term's are usually less radical. No need to go into the details, as they are plastered all over the evening news and newpapers. It is somewhat heartening to see the Dem's digging their heels in over the most aggregious of these programs, the so called Privitization Scheme for Social Security. And now that the GOP don't have to rally behind the President to assure that he is re-elected, it is interesting to note the hidden fractures in the Republican Senate and House.

No I didn't watch the State of the Union address. Really can't listen to the man speak. I'll read it tomorrow night online.
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