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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The big snow and the Big Sale

Well starting Monday night we had the annual late winter.. isn't it March for godz sake storm. There was 7 in on the ground Tuesday at 9am and 10 by the end of the day.

Alex and I bachelored it on Monday night and rented Aliens vs Predator. Great flick, tons of fun, completely mindless, and very NOT scary.

So anyway Tuesday comes around and one of my two appointments had already moved themselves to Wednesday (ie today) because of the storm coming. The other did Tues am, so I stayed at home with Alex who had a "snow day" and worked the phones for most of the day.

Today dawned bright and early and I was scheduled to be a "Star" salesman. Now this is NOT a referrence to greatness. No instead draw a star in the air, and that is what I did today.. I went all the way here.. then all the way down there.. then all the way over there.. For those of you that know the locale, I started at 7:30 in Menands at the Albany Chamber Monthly breakfast. Then back to the 'burg to grab some things I'd forgotten in my haste to get out the door. Then to Schenectady and the office and then on to Cobleskill for a 1pm. This is the site of the "big sale". It's my first "real" sale of any dollar significance. A phone system for 3.6K.

Then back all the way to Schylerville for a 4:30. Did a first presentation for a phone system for the town of Saratoga offices. Finally home by 6:30.

So all in all a productive if "milesome" day.

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