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Sunday, March 06, 2005

A bit on sports

Oakland Raiders: Da' Raida's acquired eternal bad boy and attitude problem extraordinaire Randy Moss from the Vikings. I've had people tell me how lucky we are to get this guy when they see me in my Raida' sweats after the Gym. Trust me, this is no good thing. Yes Randy Moss is a threat in no uncertain terms and a good addition to a team that lives and breaths the long ball. However, make no mistake, the last thing the Raiders need now is a disruptive influence in the locker room. Mark my words, and mark this entry, he will be nothing but trouble.

Oakland Athletics: The green and gold's savant Billy Beane gave up two of the three big pitchers in their rotation from the past few years as a "pre emptive" reation (we call it proactive, but sports has their own language) to the salary cap and thier contracts coming up in a few years. So Hudson and Muldur are gone to Atlanta and St Louis respectively, and a new fresh lot are brought in. This is the essence of A's player management, and why this team has competed with the likes of the NY YankMe's for years with a salary budget a small portion of the NY YankMe's. So this season may not be so hot, but its all about the future, no?
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