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Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Doctor Who

Well I just finished watching "Rose" the first episode in the new Dr. Who series from BBC Wales. This will air March 26th. Don't ask and I won't tell.

Anyway I'll make this short. My only concern was whether it "felt" like Dr. Who. When you have 20 yrs of episodes in the background, there is no set formula or way that the show had to be put together. It just had to feel like Dr. Who on a visceral level, somthing that is going to vary from fan to fan.

For this fan I must say it does feel right. The new Doctor and his companion have the right chemistry, and the Doc himself, in the few glimpses we have of him being Doctorish, certainly fits the part. Since at this time there are NO distribution agreements in the US I will have to settle for this rare glipmpse of the new show for now. As time goes on we will see if BBC America picks it up, as SciFi took a definite pass on the show.

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