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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

An open letter to all.. updates etc

All is well here. I'm back at the gym every other day, and maintaining my weight since I quit smoking in August (though I fell off the wagon with some cigars for a few weeks around Christmas). Been back steady now for a month, and it's amazing how much better one feels when one works out consistently. My wonder is that I ever stop, not that I actually do it!

Work is going fairly well, all things considered. When I signed up for this job the understanding was that one of the Sr Partners wanted to get 'out' of sales and that there would be an inside telemarketer setting leads. In fact I took this job over the other one for two reasons, one was opening salary, but the other and actually more important was that I thought I'd be doing most of my time selling, not prospecting.

So in the interim, the inside telemarketer has left and not been replaced, and the Sr Partner who does sales is still headlong in sales, grabbing some of the juicer incoming leads. I don't blame him, he has a business to run, and a certain amount of ego involved. But it is safe to say that the job was not exactly what I expected. I spend a large amount of time telemarketing and cold canvassing.

I don't mind that, and I am not micro-managed, and in addition, I can work from home if I want making calls. However I accepted a lower salary because I was under the impression the commission potential would be better. In a few months it will be, but the practical upshot of this is that things are still VERY tight here. Not taking much more home after taxes than I was during unemployment.

So the longer term plans for getting credentials or a higher degree are on hold until I have the sales pipeline better filled.

ASH is doing fairly well at the Private School he is at this year. He has his ups and downs like he always has, but they seem to be more limited than when he was in Public School. He enjoys the school and has some good friends there.

Scouts are going fairly well also, but he is a typical 11 yr old and seems restless during the meetings. We have a somewhat emotionally impaired child in the patrol, in fact his mom was the Cub/Webelos leader, and he and Alex spark off each other, but otherwise things seem to be going well. He is just a sneeze from his First Class at this point. He will probably will have it by the Fall.

Also he has gotten invoved in the Drama dept in the footsteps of his cousins, and will be in a play about Pontius Pilate. He plays Annis apparently, and the play is in April.

L is well also, work going fairly well for her. Winter is always tough, but the "crunch" time for Spring is just around the corner. I'm sure I told you that she did qualify for "Superstars" status last calendar year, so we are off to Orlando and the Portofino Hotel in April. Our two "activities" paid for by the company will be Friday at Epcot and Saturday at Universal, or visa versa... not like it matters.
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