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Friday, April 15, 2005

Day two of Superstars

We decided to change our Park's this am to Universal today and Epcot tomorrow due to some arcane timing and scheduling reasons. The broadband internet is available in 24 hour blocks so this will be the only post of the day. We will have some nice pics and a report tomorrow eve on BOTH Parks.

So we had the awards breakfast this am, and here are some quick pics of Liza recieving her official award for being a Superstar Twice now.

Liza with Mick and Rick Hillman of HillmanGroup

Liza accepting the award from John Marshall

Last a candid shot of Liza with the owners I loved

We had a great time last night, the meet and greet dinner was outside and buffet style with some interesting food choices, and it was actually a bit cool. They had a couple of rare birds for people to have their pictures taken with.

But we met some great people and had fun. Afterwards we took the water taxi over to "City Walk" and went to Margaritaville where we had a drink and caught a few songs from a great cover band. We are probably going to go there tonight as well.

Well tune in tomorrow evening for select Universal and Epcot Pictures.
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