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Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday Fun

Universal Studios

Well we had a great time at Universal! Due to our staying at the Portofino we did have our room keys doubling as express passes for the "rides". We enjoyed the MIBII Alien Attack the most I think, and probably the Back to the Future the least (due to the violent rocking of the "ride"). We meandered around the park, taking in the Twister, Terminator 3d, Jaws and a few other things.

Here are some select pictures

The Entrance

Weirdness for Mike. Home Town San Francisco in Orlando!

We ended up having lunch here

Inside MIB II. Anyone who has seen the film will recognize this.

And This

The 'cars' you ride in for MIB

Back to the Future III train from the Movie

The Delorean from Back to the Future

A Blues Brothers' act at Universal, but there was a better one later that night!

Mike with "Doc Brown"

The Trademark!

We got to and from the hotel on these cute little taxi boats.

And back at the Portofino

We watched the cutest little duck family get on shore.

The House of Blues

After we got cleaned up we met at the busses and took a ride down as the whole crew down to Disney Property to the House Of Blues in Orlando. We had a great time with a fantastic buffet. Hillman rented 75% of the club, so it was quite a party. We were there for three hours, and the band had a Blues Brothers type cover band that was so much fun. Here are some select pictures from there.

So you can see we had a great time

Cirque De Soliel

We were treated to a showing of the Orlando Cirque de Soleil after the House of Blues last night. Obvously we cannot take pictures but truely I have never seen something like the Cirque. It was Art, and Circus, and mime, and fantasia all rolled into one. A truely amazing experience that we will soon not forget. When we got home to the room from the Bar (see below) they had put the program in our room, such a great touch by the company that has put this weekend together!

City Walk

Last but not least we went back to the "City Walk" untill... 2am... to see this great cover band play at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.

Liza's company has just promoted a woman to the first female VP so because she and Liza were only two of three women there as the "winners" (as opposed to the spouses) we went out with her, her husband and one of the guys from Liza's district and had a ball.
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