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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Recovering from Superstars

Well we poured our selves out of bed Sunday morning and hurriedly packed. To say we were "hung over" is not strictly accurate, but we were dead tired from two nights of pretending to be 20 yrs old. Liza really wanted Eggs Benedict but we overslept (um or something like that) and got up late, so we had to settle for a continental breakfast and coffee before the bus ride to the airport. We left the Portofino at 11pm for a 115 flight. Getting into Orlando past security was surprisingly quick.

Our flights home were the same as the trip out. A US Air 757 from Orlando to Charlotte and then a stretch 737 from Charlotte to Albany. We left Orlando late, and in the rush between terminals in Charlotte some clever food service person thought she could be rude to Liza and over charge her for our two sandwiches because we were in a run to catch a plane. Well if you know Liza that was a mistake. By today, she had found this person's supervisor on the phone, gotten a commitment to write her up for her being so rude to Liza and we got our sumptuous $15 meal refunded to our credit card. Woo hoo.

Anyway back to Sunday. Somewhere in Charlotte my little bag got separated from his big sister and so when we arrived in Albany only Liza's bag made it out to baggage claim. Since I was carrying 30 "Kees" of Heroin in the bag I was worried, but I guess they didn't notice it because it arrived safely. No seriously, the bag arrived on the 11pm flight from Charlotte, and if I had not been so tired I would have just gone and gotten it, but by then I was truly a zombie.

The bag was dropped off on Monday after work. Monday itself was actually quite a chore, almost like an alarm, at 2pm the "wall" hit and my eyelid's were drooping. I lasted to 5:15 though and went home, avoiding the Gym.

Today was better, and I spent the day doing appointments and cold canvassing. The sun was bright and the air warm so I drove about with the sunroof open. A very nice day, which I capped off with my first visit to the gym in 6 days, as I had blown out my knee the Monday before Superstars.

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