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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Spring Vacation is Over and back to school

Well it has been a very exciting 10 days, especially for Alexander. While we were off gallivanting around Orlando, poor Alex got left here in the boring home town. I dropped him off two Wed ago at L's mom's house. He stayed there Wed and Thu then took the Fri bus home, got changed from his uni, and went down to S&E's. S then was kind enough to get him up to Rotary for the weekend, with some mishap as the troop was no where to be found when they got up there.

Sun morning Alex was delivered back to S&E for a few hours till he was picked up by my Dad and StepMom and whisked off to beautiful Keene NH for a week. In the mean time we got home Sun night he was already in NH. My sister came out for my Dad's birthday on that following Monday and was so kind to leave nephew Harry so Alex had someone to play with.

Like Stephen and I back when I was growing up in California however, Alex and Harry are very close which leads to minor explosions and a certain amount of nerve wearing on each of them as the week progressed. Alex is a very "internal" person and Harry very "outgoing" so this tended to clash occasionally. In the end though Alex was so happy to have had Harry there and is already talking about summer visits as well with Harry.

So I finished my last appointment on Friday (a proposal delivery of somewhat high importance) and headed home to change. I was able to get going around 5:45pm and arrived in NH at 8:30pm to a wonderful dinner of porkchops, mashed potatoes, tabouli and lots of desert!

After dinner we played something called Liverpool Rummy which I used to play in Old Greenwich when we visited there many years ago. Frankly I didn't remember playing the game, but a "rummy" game is easy to remember and I ended up winning the game around 11:30pm.

Saturday morning we got off around 10:45 after a wonderful breakfast, and got home by 1pm. All in all it was a quick visit, and quite enjoyable. It gave Alex a day to de compress at home before starting back at school.
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