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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Job Opportunities

Radio Shack has called me back, though I do need to go back through the motions of being hired, Alex at Colonie Center has assured me a place PT eve's and weekends at his store, same as last year.

Staffing Manager interview on Thu for AccounTemps went well I think. It's a two week process for one open spot. I am not on the inside track because I don't have an accounting background, but my sales background was apparently impressive to the interviewing manager.

I have some apps in at RPI in their developement departments: Advancement Officer and Administrative Specialist-Annual & Major Gifts . I went to HR on Thu to see if I could shake the tree but no joy. I now have the address' of the two Development offices and I may cold call them on Monday to see if I can shake the tree.

Also Thu I registered with Adecco (this site is cheesy) and jumped through their hoops. Scored very high on thier MS Office tests, 95th percential. After they check my referrences they will be forwarding my resume to two opportunities they have FT which pay 11-15/hr and sound interesting.

Last but certainly not least, I have put in applications for substituting in the two school districts close to home, Lansingburgh and Troy. Problem is I don't think that they will respond fast enough, and I do need to be working FT Asap.

Below this entry is the "essay" I wrote for the substitute applications.

The days off are numbered, finally!
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