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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Right makes me ill

As the Righeous Right at the top accuse the Left of bending the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina to "political purposes" the Right wing Bloggers and Spurious E-Mail creators are haveing a field day with bogus claims and unsubstanciated rumour.

I just spent about 15 min here at the Snopes Site regarding Hurricane Katrina and I urge you to take the time as well.

Amidst the funny pictures and amusing anectdotes seems to run a sick undercurrent of racist slurring (often citing Fox News as a source). Admittedly not all the racial slurring is from the right, as evidenced in the "looting" vs "finding" pics that I'm sure you all have seen. However I think you will find as I did an appalling attitude in many of these so called "personal accounts".

In another small way it just reinforces my beliefs that the rank and file Right Winger is just another angry white person who hates any one that doesn't look like him/her or have the "decency" to live in a nice neighborhood and have a good job.

It's also another symptom, if one can call it that, of the quiet back water goings on that you do not see from day to day in the newspapers. This goes back to the Bush election in 2004 in a way. The reason the Pollsters were wrong, is that they missed this quiet yet extreemly powerful communication tool (emails to the faithful, Right Wing Blogs etc) that really got out the vote for the Right in '04.

If the Left doesn't wake up and smell the (place appropriate morning beverage here) pretty soon, they will be swamped again in 06 and 08. I'd never call for the horrid racially slurring tactics of the Right, but I hope the Left can see it's way through to being more connected in the years to come.
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