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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Offered, Accepted and Rejected
or my cup runneth over.

I interviewed for a "Marketing/Administrative Assistant" job about two weeks ago now and figured I was way over qualified. This thought was confirmed by not hearing from the company for two weeks. Turns out that I did hear from them on Monday with an offer originally of 35 hrs at 10/hr. After some hard negotiation I got it to 37.5 at 12/hr or approx 450 a week. After much hemming and hawing I decided to take the job on Wednesday, though I had serious reservations because I saw it as a meticulous job and I am MUCH more of a Forest from the Trees guy.

This was about two hours too early.. I got a call at RS from the Troy Unified School District asking if I was available. Oh dear.... Well what do you pay? 90/day, but no guarantee of work 5 days a week. (I had kind of given up on the idea of Subbing because the only school district I had a day rate on was Lansingburg which was $65/day). Further discussion with the person who coordinates the subs revealed that on an average day, she has 40 to 60 teachers out and 39 sub willing to work, on average. And of that 39 not all are willing to go to any school or do any level. So I hemmed and hawed again. No guarantees.

Liza said: Do what your heart tells you.

So before I went into RS today I wrote the employer back and rescinded my agreement.

I'm gonna sub. Now we can just hope they have work for me.
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