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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I got to be the Music Man today at school 12! VERY fun. I got to see a sampling of all the grades today K to 6. The 6th grade was the biggest group, but very easy to work with. I worked with the 2nd to 6th graders heavily, but the K and 1st graders got to see Peter Cottontail video so that was a cruise. 5th was the killer and the reason for the title of this piece. Don't ask why, but the assignment was to listen to a song that named the 50 states and then to name them on a sheet with the first letters of the states already given.

Out of 15 students

1 student was able to fill the form out completely. 1 out of 15. It gets better, very few of the states were spelled correctly.

As for the others: apparently we have some new states that I didn't know about such as Africa (3), Poughkeepsie, Atlanta, Carolina, Lake George, DC and America. Of the 14, 1 other had completed at least half the states.

On the reverse was a US map with 10 states listed AND numbered. All they had to do is name the numbered state. Here is how many were correct, again 15 students: Texas 8; Oklahoma 1; Arkansas 0; Louisana 2; New Mexico 1; Florida 5; California 3; Washington 2; and, Maine 0. I think what was more alarming here were the ones who really did attempt to finish this part. One girl painstakingly answered all 10 states, and did not get one right.

So what am I missing. Shouldn't 5th graders know the states yet? Maybe I'm off base if not.

And for those who care, just a small update on the course of teaching. I ended up spending the rest of last week with the 2nd grade at school 14. Monday was Kindergarten at school 12, but for a different K teacher than the one who replaced me. Tuesday was election day and off. Today as I said was Music, and tomorrow is Special Ed helper for Kindergarten. (I talked to that teacher after I finished with the Music Man assignment so I ready to go tomorrow.) Friday is Veterans Day.

By the way, when the teacher, her assistant and the other Sp Ed teacher found out it was me taking the class they said "Well we were worried but now that we know you will be here it will be fine." Very nice pat on the back.

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