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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More work stuff.

Subing: Well I finished up my Kindergarten job on Friday the 28th, to much sadness of the kids. Wouldn't you know that my Sunday call for the Monday job was back at School 12 as the special reading instructor. This is a GOOD job, let me tell you, you visit classrooms and help the children with disabilities or who are just slower in their reading fundamentals. It's great seeing so many different kids. The cool part is that the 11 to 12 slot was in my old room so I met the new perm sub. Even better was that the last slot (5th grade) was watching Jumanji so I got to spend the last two hours of the day with the class and the new teacher. A good handoff.

Today and tomorrow I am a 2nd grade teacher at a different school (14). Gorgeous building remaining me of the old open classroom styles of Miller HS. Ironically the building is only 10 yrs old, so it's a bit "retro" as one of the other teachers said. I do get complimented as I actually come to teach not babysit. 2nd grade is good, and this class has a wide range of attributes. Bit more rowdy than Kindergarten but what can you expect? The demographic of Troy is pretty standard, well of Caucasians to poor minorities, and a wide range of ablilities in no way correlated to their demographic. In fact the best math person in the class today is a child who barely speaks English (why he is in 2nd is past my understanding, but I'm sure the State knows what it is doing.)

Radio Shack: I had the worst weekend I've ever had a RS in memory. I work 9 1/2 hrs on Saturday and open to close (6 hrs) on Sunday. Usually I can rack up 50 - 75 in spiffs not to mention run between 150 and 200 dollars per hour, this weekend we sold zero cell phones, which affects both numbers directly. However as of last week now I am 9 out of 54 in my district of PT'ers, while working many more hours than 90% of them, and 9th against the full timers as well. Worse yet, a woman came in (first customer) on Sunday and I worked a $45 sale in accessories to a $350 including an i-Pod and then RS could not deliver the goods... Grrrrr
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