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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

So how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was just fine. The local family met at Sue and Eds for a very nice dinner. Sadly Ed's brother is ill with pancreatic cancer so Ed's family did not make the usual fest here in Troy. They were sorely missed but it was also very nice having the just the closer family members together at one smaller table.

I was home sick on Tuesday so I spent some time writing a longish (3 pages) letter to "all" recounting the past two years or so and bringing up those who don't read this blog up to date on my activities.

Wednesday was my first middle school assignment, but it turned out to be a cruise as the teacher I was subbing for had a "student teacher" doing all the work. So my only responsibility was overseeing a study hall period. I had tried to get Tues night off due to my chest cold, but had to go in, so when I called the store to say I was running late due to traffic, the boss gave me the night off. He's such a nice guy.

So then came Friday or Black Friday as retail employees call it. I worked 12.5 hours and we had a very good day as a store overall. I was no where near the #1 / hour sales person I usually am, but I had declined working the "early bird" crowd so by taking the later shift I got basically what I expected.

I'm finding that due to my being the closer, and due to other people's scheduling needs, I end up being the most experienced person in the store most evenings including Saturday evening and most of Sunday. The practical upshot is that because I end up handling the problems and helping the new folks, I miss a lot of good sales opportunities. It's a bit frustrating to be honest, and today was very frustrating indeed.

Last but not least on my mind I have heard that due to my communication with the Lansingburgh School District, they have raised the per day rate available for some "permanent subs" they want to hire to the same as the Troy SD rate. So although Troy has treated me very well, the opportunity to sub in my own community and to know where I am going every day has made me decide to try to get one of these positions. I'm hoping they are not requiring a sub with certification.

Ok that wasn't last. Speaking of certification I did some online reasearch and there is exists a "alternative certification program" in NYS that allows someone like myself become certified in a year in this manner:

"After completing the 200 clock hour introductory component and passing the certification tests, candidates will qualify for Transitional B certificates and be placed in teaching positions in school districts. When a candidate is employed as a teacher with a Transitional B Certificate, he/she will receive a salary as determined by the employing school district."

More here if you are interested Faq Sheet for the alternative certification

Empire college here in the Capital area offers this program so I'll be submitting my transcripts to Empire to see what my options are. Due to my concentrations in Psych and Econ in college I'm feeling that the most likely path to employment is probably a certification for the Elementary grades. More research is needed.
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