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Monday, December 05, 2005

Life of a Substitute part _____

It has been a couple of interesting weeks for me. Some get into subbing for the pay check, regular or irregular, as you don't have to take an assignment. These “teachers” tend to show up and baby sit mostly. And some get into it for the teaching. You know why I did.

So as previously alluded to below, Thanksgiving week had only two teaching days due to being sick. So the last time I had actually "taught" per se was the Monday of Thanksgiving week.

I got my call on Sunday for a 6th grade class for Monday, and it turned out Tuesday as well. As I was looking for the lesson plans a woman walked into the class Monday morning and explained that she was the student teacher and all I had to to was sit back and watch. Sigh. Wednesday was Pre K of all things, which frankly was very fun, cute kids, but not at all challenging.

Thursday I had promised Lansingburg that I would work in the Middle School here because they were having Special Ed meetings all day with individual teachers and I would be needed to cover classes. So I arrived bright and early and met the Principal and Vice Principal, both great people. But my schedule ended up with only two classes, one of which I was not needed in. So I ended up patrolling the halls for two periods, helping the Art teacher for two periods and watching the Media Center for two periods. Not exactly a big teaching experience. However it was amazing just how many kids I knew and recognized because of my association with the local Soccer league and of course the Boy Scouts. Very edifying.

I realized also the day before that even if I was considered for a "permanent" sub position in Lansingburg it would actually be to my disadvantage. This is because the certification program I am looking at would place me in an inner city school district. Read Schenectady, Albany or, yes Troy. So as I am ingratiating my self with the Principals of the Troy SD I am increasing my likelihood of actually being hired after my certification.

Friday was great, I had a 5th grade class I really got along with, and did a lot of real teaching. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm going to have them again on this Friday. As for the rest of this week I had Kindergarten today, and I'm doing AIS (special reading and language arts instruction) tomorrow, wich involves lots of one on one with phonics and such, very enjoyable and fulfilling. Wed and Thu I am sitting in with an intern (who will be teaching most of the time) for a 5th grade class. I was requested for this coverage so I don't mind that much not "teaching" per se.

So that’s life up to the end of the week. Hope you are enjoying the weekly commentary.
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