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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nice to see the photo blog is being viewed

Feel free to list comments at the pictures. The FlickR site is the one being maintained, so click on that if you are interested.

I have a weird week this week. No teaching obviously. Off Monday, worked a 2 - 930 yesterday. Today, 5 to 930. Tomorrow Cingular Training plus a full day: 12 - 930. I have to work on New Years Eve and New Years Day as well. Not a happy camper about that at all, but there is some small consolation that I'm "needed" by the manager.

The "Paul" in the photoblog got is re-promotion to Manager and left the store this week, he was a closer and key person, so my hours have been adjusted accordingly. See above. I got an indirect compliment from the District Manager, in that he suggested that Paul take me to his new store to "get things in order". Paul deferred as Alex really needs me, but it a nice compliment.

So I have been able to stay up late and get up late that last few mornings. This has been nice.

As mentioned previously we had a wonderful local Christmas, though it was sad for me not to see my side of the family. I had a chance to go to NH on Mon but needed the 24 hours off. I don't get many of those.

In Febuary brother Andrew and clan arrive from France for a week so we are gonig to do "Chrismas in NH" in Feb. It should be fun.
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