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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Turning out the lights on Verizon

After a long and eventful relationship with Verizon, Radio Shack turns the lights out at Midnight and becomes a Cingular Partner on Jan 1.

I documented our changeover on the FlickR blog (link is at the top of the menu to the right. Verizon has been a good sales vehicle for me, but due to the non renewal of contract they have been understandably slowly strangling us with a lack of phones to sell.

The most mature business gesture award however goes to Verizon for cutting off our ability to purchase "top up" pins for Pay as you Go Verizon customers. A final parting shot.

I'm hoping Cingular has fixed it's abysmal customer service reputation since it was Cell One. They are one of the few phone companies in the US that uses SIM cards, thus allowing people to use their phones overseas. Also their network protocol (I won't bore you with the details) is basically superior to Verizon's as well as Sprint's in being able to deliver faster service.

Well time will tell, and you know me, its the sizzle not the steak. Other cliche's that come to mind are ice to eskimo's but I won't go there. I do look forward to being able to offer the popular Motorola Razr as well. We are open 10 to 5 on New Years day so I'll be at work tomorrow. Will stay up to watch the ball drop, have a dollop of Champagne and go to bed.

Happy New Year.
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