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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Don't read this if you get queasy about medical stuff

I got a call a call from our son Friday around 930, I was substitute teaching at the time, telling me that he was in the nurses office and not feeling well in his groin region. This area is of some concern for men from my Mom's side of the family due to a relatively harmless genetic anomaly which I won't go into detail about. Broadly speaking it can cause what's called testicular torsion, I experienced it as an adolescent as did some of the other men on that side of the family.

We had spoken to our son about the possibility earlier this year in the presence of his Doctor so he understood that though it was embarrassing, it needed to be paid attention to.

So I bolted from work and picked him up from school and took him to the emergency room. Lucky for us it was not full so we got in early, but ended up staying for nearly four hours. Turns out the chances of testicular torsion in this case was not provable. It might have happened and then it naturally de-torqued. The other diagnosis was Epididymitis. You can look that up too if you are interested. Bottom line though he was in quite a lot of pain, he didn't have to go under the knife like I did oh so many years ago.

They performed both Ultrasonography and Doppler Ultrasound while I watched (it was pretty cool actually) to determine if there was any torsion as well as had a Urologist come up and do an exam before releasing him. My feeling is that he did experience this torsion but it de-torqued. The Urologist said this was a possibility and in this case I think he was right. He has recovered way too fast for it to be Epididymitis in my non medical opinion.

With the wife on a business trip it was left to me however to handle. So I didn't do retail last night either.
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