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Monday, January 30, 2006

Few Odds and Ends

Our son is recovering just nicely from his ordeal on Friday. Still a bit sore but is happy to be out of Gym for a week. L took him to the urologist this morning and agrees that this Dr. is a rare one, someone we really like.

NY State Senator Bruno appeared for some reason I still don't know of at the school I was substitute teaching at today. I got a quick cam pic of him which I will put over on FlickR.

Subbing today with a Student teacher so I got some time to read the NYT Sunday Week in Review. Perusing the OP Ed section I was struck by the similarity of some of the pieces regarding the victory of Hamas in Palestine to my own piece (see below). I say this because I did write the piece (below) before I read the Sunday Times.

Sunday night was a two hour meeting from 7:30 to 9:30 for a new Radio Shack Pay Plan. Total impact on my earnings, slim and none, by my best estimate. So two hours wasted. I really do love Radio Shack and the DM is a great guy, but he could have just written a Memo.....

I'm taking Thursday off from Substitute Teaching to clean house.

That is all. :-)
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