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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A few things

Blog style update: I have gone to a new message board. Just something different.

Music: One of my message groups on Yahoo does a "what did you listen to today" thingy, which for me is absurd because of how scattered my life is. No office per se, and so most of my listening is in the car.

Portals: I did finally get a hold of two good burned discs of the new Progressive Music Society's Portals IV. This is a great series, real artists contributing new music studio or live, for free distribution. When they come out the artists on Portals are small, but a few of the artists on Portals One have become fairly major players in Progressive Rock today. It's a free distribution chain, copies being made "downline" to steal a networking marketing term, so no one who wants it has to put up anything, and those of us like me who believe the music should be spread, contribute our labour, and the very minimal cost of discs and postage.

Satellite Radio: I have been listening to a lot of XM recently in the car, and discovered some nice little shows that if I remember to tune to I enjoy. Weeknights going home from Retail Slave Job, Wolfman Jack is doing XM 60's station, playing the most fun psychedelic stuff I can remember. On the way into work on Sunday I can catch part of the Grateful Dead Hour. Sirius has two great stations that I listen to at work: Chill and Jam_On. The chill station plays my favorite type of music: laid back jazz with a beat. Jam_On is a Jam band station that buries the XM version called Music Lab.

Downloads: I got a hold of some very hoopy shows off of DIME recently. My fave so far is three Magma shows only available as MP3's, and the St. Denis show is half a capella vocals and half instrumentals. Really very RIO. I also got some great BOC from the 80's, a Al Stewart show from this tour in NYC, and a killer Jean Luc Ponty show from the mid 70's.

Sci-Friday: I am pretty happy with this year's Battlestar Galactica. Some major plot twists getting rid of one unliked character and retaining the other. For Stargate SG-1 I'm pretty happy but I just don't get as excited about the Auri as I do the Gu'auld. Watch some reruns if you don't know what I'm talking about for gosh sake! Finally Stargate Atlantis will always be the poor stepchild. On it's own, against other Sci Fi its top notch, but it just doesn't hook like the other two. As it is, I get home just in time for 1st run BSG on Friday, and then I sit up and watch SG-1 and SG-A on their second or west coast broadcast till 1am.

No politics this post. Amazing eh?

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