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Thursday, January 19, 2006

G-Mail Hell

Beta indeed. I use a POP server service with G-Mail to take in my Yahoo Groups discussion lists. If this sounds Greek to you, or geek, well I can't blame you. I was finding that my local ISP Road Runner was bouncing too many of my YahooGroups emails and I was missing important information.

So I set up an account with G-Mail Google's new web based email service because it allows you to pull the email down to a local email reader or client. This is called POP service.

Well the thing is very buggy, and keeps forgetting the settings I ask for. I have had to continuously go onto the web interface and reset preference regarding from what point or date my emails can be downloaded. It just keeps forgetting and holding all my emails and reporting "no new messages" to my email client on my computer.

This reset tells the Gmail server to release all emails recieved after that time. Practical upshot is that anything received before this stays there. So when this happens I have emails "trapped" as it were up on the G-Mail server and I have no way of downloading them to my email client. They have a preference for "dowload all email" but it does not work at all.

Everything had been working fine for a couple of days until Tuesday early evening, then I got nothing Thu night, Wednesday all day and today until a few min ago. I resisted resetting the preference yet again in the vain hope that it would release the emails, and knowing if I reset the date, they would be stuck there forever. Not a disaster but very very inconvenient.

So imagine my surprise when 357 email messages JUST came pouring down onto my client. GOOD because I'm sponsoring two audience-shot DVD Trees, BAD because it's still a hell of a lot of emails to go through.
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