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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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From the web site where you can order this:

"After the Storm" is an effort by the progressive rock community to do its share to help out the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. All of the artists involved have graciously donated music to this project, and many have contributed previously unreleased live or studio material, including New Orleans' own Woodenhead. The costs of manufacturing have been donated by NEARfest and NEARfest Records and all proceeds from the sale of this unique compilation will be donated to aid the survivors of Hurricane Katrina through Habitat for Humanity.

And no I don't have it, due to restricted financial resources. But it's a wonderful idea and from a great company. NEARfest Records is the same two great guys that put on NEARfest every year. The One concert I am sure to attend every year.

Buy it!

Dead Dead Dead.

No I'm not referring to any one person. Radio Shack business is SOO off. How do you think I'm able to post blog comments in the middle of the evening. Saturday was so so, Sunday was much worse, Yesterday I don't think I broke $100 through the register.

However in all the fiddly little things Managers and DM's make decisions upon regarding if you are pulling your weight I'm the top in this office and in the top 10 or 15 for the District even though our store is in last place. (They are rebuilding the Mall and people have just stopped coming here). Radio Shack Service Plans, Cell Phone Sales and 4 for $10 (battery special) I'm #1 in the office week in and week out.

You don't get if you don't ask. Not to mention being somewhat persuasive.

Off to School 14 tomorrow

Got a two day gig at the open archetechture (sp?) school I have subbed in before. I'll miss my other school for two days, and be ready to get back as I remember this class to be a challenge. There is a cabal of girls in the class who are very distruptive. I most probably will re arrange the room to minimize any distruption for the next two days.

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