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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Next up on the Slippery Slope, The Thought Police

I'm sorry but this surprises me not at all. The Conservative agenda follows a slippery slope. First their figure head / hood ornament runs for re-election and not once is seen speaking to a crowd of people that are not vetted for their beliefs. We've also seen executive priviledge run rampant with unauthorized wiretaps.

Now an alumni group from UCLA has launched a pay as you spy plan for college students to "expose" professors who do not agree with their philosophy.

From Yahoo:

A conservative alumni group dedicated to "exposing the most radical professors" at the University of California at Los Angeles is offering to pay students $100 to record classroom lectures of suspect faculty.
The Web site of the Bruin Alumni Association also includes a "Dirty Thirty" list of professors considered by the group to be the most extreme left-wing members of the UCLA faculty, as well as profiles on their political activities and writings.

And so it begins. The only way this ends is by booting the Religeous Reich out of office so fascists like this do not think that they can operate in this manner. This Administration more than any other in the history of this great country has created an atmosphere where this sort of thinking is considered acceptable.
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