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Monday, January 23, 2006

Subbing Update

I have not spoken about Substitute Teaching recently. I think this is mostly becuase it is becoming a part of my life, and not so "new". On the other hand, it is not becoming old hat nor has the joy worn off.

I did intimate in a previous blog that I have become somewhat "popular" with some of the teachers. This morning dawned with me knowing where I was teaching this Tuesday through Friday. This is very professionally satisfying for me. From some of the "older school" teachers the most I get it that they are happy that they know someone who knows their class. But the most edification is from the newer teachers who bluntly tell me that they are confident that there will actually be teaching going on.

The difference is my lack of credation. For many of the "old school" this is the end all and be all. I do not mean to disrespect the credation process. However more than once mused out loud that I could as well be a credentialed teacher and have had even some of the old school folks agree.

I must mention one person who had taken me under her wing so to speak. She is officially the a "Kindergarten Consultant" and unofficially the doyen of the school. Add to this her sister teaches Pre-K in the same school and you have quite a power base. Now there are teachers who don't like her, I could go on for hours as to why, but mostly because she speaks her mind and doesn't take any crap from anyone. But overall without her support I don't think I'd be as asked for as I am.

Of course she will never read this, but sometimes it's good to give credit with out the person knowing it. Good Karma that.
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