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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Mikey (food and spirits)

No points off for spelling this week

01. I love mint chip ice cream.

02. I loathe candied yams, or any yams for that matter.

03. I love something called Hot Sopresso Sausage, especially with pepperjack cheese.

04. I loathe brussel sprouts, no matter how they are cooked.

05. I love pate.

06. But I loathe "liver and onions" (go figure).

07. In the great scheme of things, I really don't drink. I'm hardly even a social drinker. IF I do drink however I really love Jonny Walker Black on the rocks.

08. In the summer though I perfer Tanqueray and Tonic. Not just any G&T for Me.

09. I don't "do" red wine, it doesn't like me very much, though I do like the taste. I prefer a good dry white.

10. In the high carb deparment, which for right now I am OFF of, I really jones for a great Pesto sauce. Preferrabley on Angel Hair.

11. I love my "soul food" i.e. Hummus, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Babaganoughe, Falafell, and all things culinarily Arab.

12. The other thing that rocks my world food wise is anything hot. Not acid buring your lips off hot, but like good curry, or Thai food or good Mexican.

13. Which brings us to 13, when pushed my favorite restaurant to go to is Mexican.

Till next week!!

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