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Friday, January 13, 2006

What disturbs me about (sc)Alito

Not that he was a member of some fringe Ivy Leage group that doesn't want women in their college.

Not that he seems to support corporations over the little guy.

Not that he has professed to believe that abortion is wrong.

Not that he is a fundamental christian.

What disturbs me about Alito is that he is a fundamental constitutionalist.

There are two groups of thought about the Constitution, one believes that it is a living document that can evolve as society changes. The camp Alito is in belives in strict interpretions of the Constitution as the founding fathers would (supposedly) have thought. Scalito and Thomas are of this camp. It is I suppose the same wholly thinking that leads folks to believe that their most recent version of the bible can be iterated word for word as the word of God.

The idea that the Supreme Court of the US is probably going to be controlled by these "new constitionalist" thinkers is terrifying. The most strict of their camp belive for example that the Government has no place regulating, say interstate Commerce, or setting up rules governing corporate behavior. The dream of these thinkers is to turn the clock back to the Turn of the Century, TWO Centuries ago, back to Lassez Faire economics and government.

This is of course a Republican Wet Dream.

As I said, scary.
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