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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. What is your earliest memory?

My parents fighting. I'm sitting in a High Chair I think. They are yelling at each other. Certainly explains my abhorrence for yelling in a marriage or at children

2. What was your longest hike?

Oh easy, I even have a Patch for it. I did a 50 Miler in the Sequoia National Wilderness when I was a Boy Scout. We planned to do it in 7 days but did it in 5 because we got unexpectedly snowed on (in August) and high tailed it out of there.

3. When were you most alone?

I think driving cross country in my 67 VW bug. Took a week to go from SF to Phili. This was not a bad thing mind you. But I was really alone.

4. Describe a carefree moment of your life

Any? Driving on a Spring like day right after or during Winter.

5. What has been your most daring moment?

Jumping off a High Dive. I'm terrified of long plunges into water, because I almost drowned as a young boy.

6. Describe what you admire about someone you consider a personal hero/heroine:

My personal hero is Einstein. His genius had no bounds. He was not afraid to be wrong either. He held strong views on the workings of the Universe. I don't always agree with his more philosophical comments but most of them are brilliant.

7. What is your most interesting/outstanding talent?

The ability to synthesize differing viewpoints into a rational balanced viewpoint. Put another way I gather in lots of information and can explicate or teach things on the fly.

8. You have won a free seven day airfare to the destination of your choice. Where and why?

If you read the TT from two weeks ago you would know. Paris. I want to spend a lot more time exploring the city.

9. Climb aboard my time/space machine. You get one turn and must return after the equivalent of a week's visit. Where, when, and why?

The future. 200 Years from now. So I can see what happens, read some "history" and feel better (or worse) about what will happen after my death.

10. You have been appointed executor of my $10,000,000 charitable bequest. How will you use it?

I would join with Bill Gates in working in the Communicable Diseases projects around the world. Very little money per person goes a long way towards fighting Malaria, Dysentery and other preventable diseases.

11. What is your proudest accomplishment?

As with many, this answer is my offspring. Hopefully this will continue as he grows into the teen years and then adulthood.

12 & 13. What question/assignment would you add to this meme?

What is your biggest failure in life? Mine was attempting to be a Psychiatrist. I failed abysmally at College level Biology and Chemistry. It was the first thing I had failed at after "setting my mind to it".

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