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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Even more popular than I imagined.

Ok I'm being silly, but it is nice. Check this out.

Monday I was requested (got the call Sunday Night) for Kindergarten by the same teacher that has me going on Wednesday. Here is where it gets more fun. On Monday two teachers asked me to cover their class on Tuesday, which I could because they were both doing opposite half days for training and observing. The Pre-K aide came in and asked if I could cover Wed through Fri with her but I had to say no becuase I was already booked. Then the 5th Grade teacher I like asked me to cover his class on Friday (that made three Friday "Mr. H" requests) which I had to decline as well becuase I had promised some one else....


The downside to this as I was saying to MW the other day is I don't want them to STOP asking for me! So I made sure that each of the "turn downs" knew the reason was that I had gotten a call during Vacation and I was strictly a First come First serve person. That played well with all, most saying they should have called it in earlier.

Nice to be liked.

Addendum - From Wednesday

I was called to the Principal's office today during "special" and told uncatagorically that I was one of his two best subs and that I would be covering the 5th grade teacher that I like's class. Basically he said he puts his best people where they are needed most and this teacher would be out for four of the five Friday's in March and I would cover his class. This particular teacher is the "teacher in charge" when this Principal is out of the building.

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