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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Final Solution to the Computer Problem

I got a 80 Gig HD from the Shack at a ridiculously low price on Thursday (not because of my discount but because it was on clearance).

I installed the HD last night in about 5 min. Because it was running DMA Ultra Mode 6, and the "old" 28 Gig HD at Mode 5 it took about 20 min to clone everything over instead of the hours it took to and from the "new" HD (200 GB).

I then physically swapped drives and fired it up. Voila working fine. Yipee. And smoking fast too. wow.

So now I'm going to send the Seagate Barracuda 200 Gig HD back to Seagate under it's 5 year warranty. By getting yet another drive (a Maxor 80 Gig) from the Shack I now have a drive that will not fail on us.. well any old time.

So anyone wanna get me an Alienware computer? (see link in the Friday Five).
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