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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ever heard of these Clix things? They are kind of cool. Small miniatures of Superhero's and on the base is a built in "clix" combat system.

So my son picked out two teams of Superhero's worth 300 pts a piece. He got The Hulk, Wolverine, Ice/Man/Surfer/dont-know-the-name, The Punisher, Firestarter and a medic. He gave me The Beast, Abomination, Elektra, Spiderman, one other guy and a medic.

I won. Last time he kicked my arse all over the board with The Hulk, who just gets bigger meaner and stronger the more you hit him. So I knocked out all of his other guys while loosing Spiderman and the other guy. Then the Beast and Abomination ganged up on The Hulk. Only the Abomination can really fight the Hulk.

This epic battle took a good part of an hour. Hope we get a chance to play again tomorrow.

For more on this Clix system click the graphic below.

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