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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How boring is YOUR life?

Here is how boring mine is. I didn't get a call last night or this morning to substitute (as I figured I wouldn't due to being Valentine's Day)so I got to work on my computer. Yipeeee

Here is the problem, and some of this will be Geek Speak. My newest Hard Drive (HD) is running at 1/4 the data speed it should be. The term for this speed is PIO, as opposed to Ultra DMA Mode which it should be running at.

Because my operating system is on it, the entire computer runs like molasses, and drives me to pounding. So today I utilized a program the Brother G gave me and cloned the 200GB HD to my old 28GB HD (after paring down the data to 18G so it could fit). I swapped out the 200 for the 28 and VOILA, the computer is running at Ultra DMA mode 5.

BUT... the old 28G HD is on it's last legs, so I need to get the 200G HD back to DMA pronto. I'm going to try reformatting it (which means the only place my OS will be is on a HD that is dying) and see if that does it. So this is what I did today.

Exciting life eh?
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