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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I have a headache

Had it all day. Really a bummer. Not one of those mind wrecking ones, just what I call a "low level" ache.

Spent 2 to 930 at the Shack today. Decent day, as of 845pm I was the no 1 salesman in total dollars and dollars per hour and spiffs. Sold three cell phones today so that's a good thing.

It's been slow at work though, lots of time to surf the web, chat and build my "MySpace" spot. It's the in thing I guess and there are some Lynbrook and Pitzer people on it so what the heck.

And I actually slept in this morning! Till 945!! That is for me very unusual. Since there are only so many hours I get home I try not to spend my AM's sleeping, but today I needed a recharge. I only have 8 more days till I get a full 24 hours off, as Winter Break starts on the 20th.

Had a nice big breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon and red onion. Even made a decent lunch for myself so I filled up before work. I used the Forman Grill to do up some pork chops.

So that's been my exciting day! Working 11 to 6 tomorrow as usual. Then I teach Monday and have Monday night off from the Shack.
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