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Saturday, February 04, 2006

In NH for the weekend.

Big shindig this weekend as my brother and his family are coming in from France to visit for the week. My sister and her kids and my cousin are picking them up from the airport today.

Meanwhile I have the weekend off at Radio Shack and drove to NH from NY with my Mom and my son. Mom arrived via Amtrack this am. The drive to NH was very nice and pleasant, we stopped for lunch, and later did some shopping in Keene for late Christmas presents.

Wanted to pop on line from my Dad's to do the daily update before everyone arrived. I'll have some fun phone cam pics for FlickR on Friday.

Funeral and Wake update

I've not written about the passing of Liza's Grandmother since the day of her passing. The funeral will be Monday morning, and the "viewing" or wake will be Sunday Night. My son and I will be arriving back from NH on Sunday to attend.

The SuperBowl becomes very problematical as my MIL has planned a get together afterward at a restaurant called Dakota's. Not sure how this is gonna fly, and I'm playing it by ear. Easy to tape and then watch the Super Bowl on Monday, but VERY difficult to avoid the news and hearing who won.

We will see, part will depend who comes over from NH with us.
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