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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just how dumb is this guy?

GWB seems to have decided to become his Party's worse night mare. What is it with these Alpha Males (Bush, Clinton, Bush) who go into the White House and throughly trash their own party.

The port thing hands the Democrats the National Security upper hand on a silver platter. But its more that this and it kind of encompasses this administration's living in a bubble mentality. It undercuts the idea that Bu$hCo cares about the nation's security as long as it lines someones pockets. Second it shows he is compeltely disrepectful of the Legislative Branch threatening to do his FIRST veto in 6 year if the deal was overturned. Nice one two punch.

And how about this great Medicaide bill that Bu$hCo rammed through the yes-sir Congress? Any hopes of the GOP running on any platform remotely related to Healt Care or the Elderly will collaps under their feet. This grand scheme cost the American Taxpayers 800 billion and creates nothing but confusion in the elderly. The only people cleaning up are (of course) the private health care sector suckering people into their arms with promises of "expliations". Read that as "sales process". Then we have the famous Health Care savings plans. No less august body than the US Govt itself says that the HSA's do very little to control costs. Instead (surprise surprise) they are a financial boondoggle for Wall Street - a big GOP supporter.

And the future holds more for the GOP. As we pull troops out of Iran in order to allegedly appease the political system so that they can stay in power, things will be come SO UGLY over there that "Civil" war will be an oxymoron (which it is anyway). The sectarian violence will make the last month look like vacation on the Riveria. First we go into the war on bad intel, then we handle the "winning the hearts and minds" like a bunch of banana republic dictators, and when we finally need to do the Right and Moral thing by staying to help keep the innocents from being further massacred, we will pull out so the Pachyderms can stay in power.

Big Bad Backfire.

But only if Dean and Pelosi and company can get a CLUE and run with this.

I doubt they have the vision to be blunt.
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