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Monday, February 13, 2006

Lord of the Flies

Whew what a day. Had a (different) 6th grade class today and they were so off the wall it's not even funny. Two of them, a boy and girl would not shut up while I was teaching. I mean nothing would get them to be quiet. Nothing.

In fact I lost control of the room. First time in a long while. In my defense this is a somewhat difficult group, and they usually have up to three teachers in the room with them, all of whom they know. None of whom where there with me after lunch when things fell apart.

Lucky for me the "building sub" and the School Psychologist walked in right before I started shouting. I told her that I had almost lost control of the room and she calmed them down a bit. Then I ejected the biggest trouble maker and sent her to another 6th grade teacher that had offered to take anyone making trouble. This settled things down a bit.

I guess it wasn't me. After the kids left I spoke to four other teachers who related the same lord of the flies behavior in their rooms. Maybe it's because Winter Vacation is next week, or Valentines Day is tomorrow. Who knows.

Oh and I'm coming down with a cold. That adds to the joy.

I have Wed and Thu booked with Kindergarten and Pre-K. Tomorrow is up in the air as of 715pm which is pretty late. I'm sure it's because it's Valentines Day and teachers want to be with their students. I'll probably get my call at 6am......

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