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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday: Part One a day in NH

Had a lovely quite Sunday am in NH with my family. Ok not so quiet, with so many kids, but lovely none the less. At 6am (Noon Paris time) Sophie and Jeremy got up. I said, go back to bed. They said "We are not tired any more, we cannot sleep." Remember these two are in Kindergarten and 2nd grade. Very cute.

The rest of the day went nicely. Cousin Anne arrived with her two kids, Oliver has grown so much and Luc is quite a character. Got tons of pictures of the kids playing. Read a bit of the NYT and chatted with my Dad on Politics (he and I are polar opposites).

MW stayed at the Tartan Fox B&B, so I went and got her, and gas, and her car also. Alas the day went way too short, because after a wonderful Lunch A & I had to come home. The drive back to NY was gorgeous as usual and we arrived in plenty of time to get dressed for the Wake

Sunday: Part Two the Wake

Once dressed and ready to go we headed over to the Funeral Home to attend the wake of L's Grandmother. I was unprepared for an open casket viewing, in that for one no one told me, and second I'd actually never been to such an event. After I got over my initial shock I saw how thereputic it was for everyone (starting with my son - who had not had the chance to say "goodbye") to see Lona in a serene state. The wake itself was during the Super Bowl so I'm afraid that it was lightly attended. I'm hoping for the family's sake the funeral Monday will see many people who didn't make the viewing.

After the time at the Funeral home we went off to Dakota's for dinner. There were exactly one other customer at the restaurant due to the Super Bowl. Liza's sister and family had come up for the wake and funeral from DE so it was nice to see my niece and nephew. I was lucky to be at the other end of the table from my Brother in Law who I am also diametrically opposed to policitally, and it was apparent he was pontificating. Kudo's to my Uncle for the patience to listen to him all night. Got home in time for the Super Bowl to be over.

Sunday Part Three: Super Bowl Sunday in an Hour

This is what I do with all those bowl games, so why not the Susper Bowl. Completely record the game of a VCR or DVR and then watch JUST the plays. Fast forward through the commercials, the idiotic commentary and the endless time outs, play reviews and huddles. It is possible to watch EVERY play of a football game in just about one hour.

So when I got home and changed from the Wake and Dinner I watched the game. I was very happy for the winning coach Bill Cower. He is unique in Pro Football as a coach that the ownerns have kept on through good and bad times. Pure Old Skool ownership and it's a testament to this type of management in this win. The Raiders' Al Davis could take a good long lesson from the Rooney's. The game itself was remarkably bad in places, especially the first quarter and the final Seahawk drive. But the long Steeler run and the great gadget plays by the Steelers made it a worthy show and very much Extra Large!! ( this was Super Bowl 40 - XL)
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