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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Teaching This Week

2nd Grade yesterday. Cute kids. Cute teacher too, who is very pregnant. So I went down after class today and talked to her about when she was going out and for how long. I was hoping she might go out close enough to the end of the year so that I could cover her class for the remaining time in the school year. It's a close thing, and MW gave me some ideas to pitch, to try to get around the 40 days in one class rule about certified vs non certified teachers

5th Grade today. One of my two favorite classes. This teacher sits in for the Principal when the Principal is out for conferences etc. It's a mixed group of good, and bad, not following any set lines ie race or sex. Mostly just a great group of kids. The like me, and more importantly they respect me not to take advantage of me. I worry about a few of them, as one will as you get close to these kids. But I'm sure they will do the best they can under their circumstances. The only beef I have on this substitute gig is that the teacher does not let me "teach" but just gives them endless "packets" of work to do.

6th Grade for the next two days. I have substituted in this class once before, but it was ages ago and she had a student teacher in the class at the time. Basically I just sat there and sponged in what that teacher was doing. So I don't know if Im "babysitting" for two days or actually teaching. I've not had a 6th grade class on my own yet, and I can see that they can be a challenge. Should be an interesting two days.

So then add that I'm straight on till Dawn with Radio Shack this week. I don't have my usual Thursday off because I took last weekend off. So my next evening off is Monday. My next full day is the following Monday as it is Winter Break for the school system. I have not decided if I'm going to go FT with RS that week or not. L has left it up to me. But I'd like to spend some time with Alexander. Decisions Decisions.
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