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Sunday, February 12, 2006

There was a really great Post here

But my computer ate it. Froze right after I finished it and I didn't feel like rewriting it.

However there were some good points I remember.

One was that Saturday I had to work with two born again Christian Republicans. Yea Me, with Them. One of them said that the whole Iraq nuclear confrontation was probably the End of World - you know they are all fixated on the Apocolypse and their whacked out "left behind" series. Anyway this kid kept using saying things like "well cause I'm a Christian" and "we Christian's believe". It started making me sick.

When did the whacked out Fundie right get to use the term Christian all to themselves? Are Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians and anyone else who do not believe all this fascist nonesene the Religious Riech talk about NOT Christians?

If I was one of those sects I'd find it extreemly offensive.

The other point I remember making was to expand on my Friday Five. Just becuase I don't buy the "old guy sitting in heavan" image doesn't mean I don't think the teachings of Jesus Christ are not brilliant. I mean this guys was talking about not killing each other and living in peace almost two centuries ago.

Pity no one has listened.
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