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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Interesting Cities Mikey has been
in order of where I want to go back to

01. Paris!!! Been there twice, and it never leaves your soul. First time was a whirlwind weekend that gave me the bug. Second time was a few years later for a late 15th wedding anniversary. Best time I've ever had.

02. San Francisco.
The only other city or place other than Paris that takes your heart and you can't stop thinking about. Grew up near there, and since '86 have been back five or six times, but never for long enough. Need to spend a month there.

03. London. Spent a few days as part of a week long trip in the UK in '79. Would really like to go again and stay a week.

04. Cairo. Fascinating place, the cabbies are crazier than NYC and Rome put together. Would want to use it as a base camp for exploring the upper Nile Valley.

05. Rome. You walk out the door of your Modern Hotel and down the street is a wall that has been standing since the early Roman empire. The Modern and the Ancient. In that respect nothing can touch Rome.

06. Venice. Right on the heels of Rome, for obvious reasons why I'd want to go back. Mostly because when I was there before we only spent a day. I could spend a week.

07. Portsmouth NH. Incredibly lovely little "touristy" town. Have not been back in ages, great place for a day trip or weekend.

08. Savannah GA. Walking along the water front or around the incredible gardens. A city that must be taken in over a few days.

09. Jerusalem. I actually spent MORE time there than I wanted to the first time, but I'd love to go back, if it's ever safe again. The antiquities are amazing.

10. Los Angeles.
You think I'm joking, but I've not been back since I graduated from College and I miss it.

11. Baltimore. The inner harbor is amazing. The sports complex is remarkable. The town has so much to do and see. A poor man's SF in many ways.

12. Boston.
This and the next are last becuse something had to be, and I have been there many times. But you can't get enough of Boston just as you cannot get enough of.....

13. Manhattan. Take me away to Manhattan. Just three hours away but I just don't get down there enough. Recently due to the cash flow shortage of the past two years

Next week- 13 places I want to go!!

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