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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Interesting Cities Mikey wants to go to

01. Tokyo. Though I don't speak a a word of Japanese, I would love to see this busy city. Check out the restaurants, cafe's and shops. Take in the hustle and bustle.

02. Sydney. From the Playhouse to the Bridge I'd love to spend a week in Sydney. Maybe use it as a base to see the countryside. Not sure on if a week is enough for that.

03. Aukland. The land of Lord of the Rings and Narnia. Though it's hard to immigrate there, I'd not mind visiting to see what its' all about. Honestly this is the only city in NZ I could think of, maybe there are better places to go.

04. Athens. Home of antiquities. Sight of the Summer Games. I'd love to visit in the Spring or Fall when it is not so hot. By now you can guess the ancient history trend, so that is the main attraction.

05. Beruit. Dnager! Intrigue! Green Lines! Any or all of the above. I've been told by many that this was the most beautiful city in the Middle East before the wars. Certainly the Lebanese women are the most beautiful in the fertile crescent.

06. Delhi. Who wouldn't want to go. Ok maybe someone clasutrophobic of germ phobic. But seriously, the Hindi and Muslem Indian cultures are fascinating. Besides I have an old school Professor I'd not mind looking up while I was there!

07. Moscow. Though the Winter would be interesting, I think maybe Spring or Fall. Again it is the older sights that attract me, though seeing things like dead dictators tomb's and Soviet style archetecture must be interesting as well.

08. Angor Wat. More on the ancient civilizations theme. MW has been there, and I just loved the look and feel. Want to try it for myself.

09. Seattle. Back in the US of A. Home of MicroSerf, and some family friends. Where Grunge and over priced CoffeShops started. The place that never stops raining. I considered going to college there for a spell actually .

10. Bangor. Maine that is. Summer on the Maine coast. Visiting Bangor, as well as Bar Harbor and other points of interest. L could give this tour, and we could visit Melly! That would be grand.

11. Kansas City(ies). Two reasons, one from recommendations from MW and two from things college friends used to tell me. I hear the cuisine is superb and the tourist attractions are not tourist trappy.

12. Atlanta. What can I say. I'd love to see the whole city, to see what it's really all about. Maybe a long weekend or week.

13. Little rock. Clinton Library. Yea that interests me a lot.

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