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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Memories Mikey dredged up in a writing exercise

1. I remember the smell of the Elm trees walking to school with my friends. We thought it was Marijuana, but it was just Elm trees in bloom.

2. I remembering loosing my denim jacket in 7th grade, leaving it in a classroom, then realizing when I got back someone had stolen it. It was full of patches I had collected over the years. The feeling of being ripped off and violated was unforgettable.

3. I remember coming back from my 12th grade dance having met a Texan named Jennifer. I felt like I was floating on air, 2 feet over the ground.

4. I remember Mr. Eander in a sports coat and tie substituting for my 3rd grade classes. His phrases “The nerve of some people’s children” and hair looking like a “unmade bed” have stayed with me.

5. I remember showing up at a 9th grade dance with “hip” platform shoes and feeling completely out of place and foolish because no one was wearing anything like it.

6. I remember my photography class with Mr. Guthrie (the science teacher) in 8th grade and learning the trick of catching a sports photo. Then there was the thrill of catching a pole vaulter at the top of his arc when I was sent on my “assignment”.

7. I remember playing during recess at Dilworth Elementary at a very young age, probably 3rd grade. Going out near the fence beyond the field with Mark Warren using a paper spaceship we had built to collect shiny pieces of weather worn glass.

8. I remember making a marble slalom course down my desk in elementary school out of molding clay. The marbles would end up in my desk via a feat of clay engineering that Mobeus would have been proud of.

9. I remember standing on the desks in 5th grade during sex ed. And I was getting away with it because it was such a risqué subject.

10. I remember the first time I went head first in the snow during skiing. It was black and cold and I thought for a split second that I had snapped my neck and was dead.

11. I remember the shame of having broken the protective covering over the kiln firing clay in Kindergarten and being told that I had spoiled it for the whole class because it had dried out.

12. I remember flying to see my father and his new family via PSA Airlines what seemed every other weekend. I would get a nosebleed every time we descended due to the pressure changes. But I felt very adult flying unaccompanied with my brothers.

13. I remember playing “smear the queer” at my Dad’s and him bellowing into the back yard “who is a queer!!”. So we changed the name of the game to “Get the guy with the ball.”

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