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Monday, March 20, 2006

Dems not faring much better

I don't know how much plainer life can make the opportunity facing the Democrats in order for them to recognize it - and act upon it.

With the majority of people recently polled by Time Magazine describing Bu$hCo as "incompetent", one has to ask (in a most exasperated tone) Why Doesn't the Democratic Leadership in Congress Start Holding Bush Accountable, Instead of Getting Upset with Feingold for Being Outraged? When asked, U.S. voters want Democrats in power!

What is it going to take? Only a few of the Democrats seem to understand the nature of the crisis. Senator Durbin backs up Feingold's motives on censure on television Sunday, and Senator Harkin supports Bush censure.

But that seems to be it. For all the talk about Hillary (ACK!) seeking the 2008 nomination, this would be a perfect time to step forward and make a stand, much as Bobby Kennedy did in 1968. But the heat in the kitchen must be too much for her, as she isn't willing to take a step in that direction.

Some leader! I hope this ends the wishful thinking on the part of our wrong-wing friends that she runs!
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